Area: Fife
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Fife Council’s Culture Grants scheme aims to encourage and support creativity in local communities and is open to both individuals and groups.

The fund supports activities in the following areas:

  • Literature (includes writing, books, storytelling, readings, publishing)
  • Performance (includes theatre, performance, drama, music and dance)
  • Heritage (includes museums, libraries, archives and history)
  • Audio-visual (includes film and video, radio, new media)
  • Visual arts/crafts (includes art, painting, sculpture, crafts, design, fashion and architecture)

Who can apply?

Culture grants from £50 to £150 are available to individuals of any age, who live in Fife:

- to take part in new cultural experiences and to make the most of the cultural opportunities on offer;
who want to develop their creative talent and skills, e,g. you could seek support to help you attend a short course or conference, take lessons in something you’re good at, purchase equipment or research local history.

These grants are for you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do and Fife Council will expect you to feedback on how your grant helped develop your creativity and knowledge.

Parents and guardians can apply on behalf of children in their care up to 16 years old.

Culture grants from £100 to £500 are available for groups in Fife:

- to start or develop creative activities within the group
- to add to your group’s experience if you already have artistic or cultural aims
- to organise a cultural experience for group members

For example: Groups could pay a tutor to lead an experimental activity, buy materials, organise a visit to a performance, put on a film screening or create an archive.

Groups have to be constituted to be able to apply - except for groups of young people who do not need to be constituted but will have to provide a local independent professional referee who supports the application.

Fife Council expect you to feedback on how the grant helped your group develop creative opportunities for your members or people in your local area.

Young people must write their own report and include comments from their named independent referee.

Before you apply please note:

- Individuals can’t apply for payment towards a college or university course, nor can they apply for a short course that they have already started.

- Please apply 8 weeks prior to the event / course being held and note that Fife Council may not be able to give you the full amount you apply for.

- The Culture Grant Scheme is not suitable for individuals who earn a living from their craft e.g. artists, sculptors, writers, jewellery makers, etc, or who have received funding from the Visual Arts and Crafts Grant Scheme.

For more information and to apply, visit the Fife Council website.