Located in Dublin, Fatima Groups United Family Resource Centre was founded in 1995 to agitate for the social economic, cultural and environmental regeneration of the old Fatima Mansions flats. The complex endured the blight of unemployment, bad housing and the scourge of the heroin epidemic of the late 1980's and early 90s. 

The Centre offers counselling, health and wellbeing, arts and creativity sessions and seeks to create wider access to the arts and develop the journey of voluntary participants from audience members to co-creators. 

There is currently a strong dance programme and poetry group which led to their recent project, ‘Dance Till Dán’. Dán is the Irish word for poem and the project saw Fatima Dance Group join forces with the Fatima Poetry Vigilantes to create a new piece of work which was then filmed and shared widely.

“Over 12 weeks, the poets became dancers and the dancers became poets, with structured dance and poetry sessions every Friday. The Dance Till Dán project was richly rewarding and creative. It gave a focus to the dance and poetry programmes, developed a great bond and love of dance and poetry amongst the participants. It also created a buzz of excitement within the area.” Richie Keane, Fatima Groups United

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Fatima Groups United is on the shortlist for the Creative Lives Awards 2022. Support this group in the competition for the People's Choice Award!

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