Taking good quality photographs and video footage of your event will provide you with great images that you can use to advertise your group, as well as supporting material for funding applications. Remember what they say - 'a picture speaks a thousand words'!

Tips and guidance - See the Voluntary Arts Briefing, 'Using Photography' for some pointers on taking the perfect picture and 'Creating a YouTube Presence' for tips on how to upload and share video footage of your event.

Need some extra support to help document your event? Why not approach your local camera club or photographic society to see if they would be interested in helping out? The college or adult education centre in your area might also have a film and/or photography course, with willing students that you can approach - it's worth getting in touch to see if anyone is interested.

If your struggling to find someone, why not approach your local Volunteer Centre to ask for their help and/or send some information to [email protected] and we can list this as a volunteer opportunity on our website.