Flashmob – Take your talent into town! Whatever kind of performance you do, why not venture outside and show the public what your group is made of? You could also use this as an opportunity to hand out flyers for an upcoming show/concert and help promote your group to potential new audiences and participants. For more information, advice and ideas, download the Voluntary Arts Week Flashmob Toolkit (coming soon).

Open rehearsal – If your drama group, choir, orchestra, dance troupe or band meets for a weekly rehearsal, why not open your doors during the Voluntary Arts Festival and invite people in? An open rehearsal is a relaxed, unpressured way for people to see what you do, and perhaps be inspired to join you.

Special performance – Celebrate your group’s achievements, and make use of the extra publicity the Voluntary Arts Festival can bring, by putting on a special one-off show. Perhaps you could use it to raise money for charity?

Taster session – Sometimes, it’s not until you try something that you know how much fun it is! Give people a chance to share your enjoyment by running a taster session, giving them a gentle introduction to your activity.

Part of a music group? Making Music is encouraging music groups across the land to stage ‘come and try’ events during the Voluntary Arts Festival. Download the Come and Play/Sing Toolkit (coming soon), which has lots of practical advice and ideas on how to plan your event.