Get creative with nature and spin a yarn about your local woodland this Voluntary Arts Festival!

The Woollen Woods is a fun way to bring craft and nature together, engaging communities with their local green spaces, both as participants and visitors.

In May 2015 Voluntary Arts helped establish seven flagship Woollen Woods in woodland venues across the UK and Ireland and over 6,000 woolly creations were sent in from across the world to be exhibited. Some great partnerships were formed between venues, community groups and craft groups, and thousands of people visited to see the work on display.

In 2016 a further 11 Woollen Woods burst into bloom, resulting in wool-craft skills being shared, groups forging new connections and people from all walks of life coming together to exhibit their woolly artworks.

Grow your own Woollen Woods in 2017 - A number of Woollen Woods are already taking root and will go on display as part of the Voluntary Arts Festival in May, but there's still time to get involved and organise your own!

See the Woollen Woods Toolkit for tips, guidance and useful links to help you grow your own woolly woodland as part of this exciting nationwide project. 

To see images from Woollen Woods in previous years and to keep up to date on developments, visit the Woollen Woods Facebook page