Creating your own posters and/or flyers is a great way to reach a local audience. Read on for guidance on what to think about when designing print publicity to make sure your event stands out from the crowd.

Be clear, concise and creative with your design and event information. Remember to include:

> Event name - try to be concise and give your event a name that helps explain what it is.

> Date and time - of when your event takes place, it is best practice to give a start and end time.

> Event info - A brief description, which covers what the event is and who your event is for i.e. young, old, all welcome etc.

> Booking info - Information on how to reserve a place i.e. ‘book your place via the contact details below’ or ‘no need to book – just turn up on the day'.

> Contact details - Contact name, telephone number and email address.

> Links - Your group website or Facebook page, if you have one, so that people can look you up.

> Accessibility info - Include a line that invites people with accessability requirements to get in touch for more information on the venue and event. See the Disability and Access - Events Checklist (coming soon) for more guidance on how to make your event open and accessible. 

> A photo - Make sure any images you use are clear and dynamic, something that will catch people's eye and draw them in.

> Logos - Include any necessary logos such as your group logo and funder logos, which are usually best placed at the bottom of your poster/flyer.

> Get Creative Festival branding - Download poster/flyer templates and logos here.

Design tools - Canva is a great app and website that you can use to create eye-catching posters and flyers without having to purchase design software. It is free to use and has a wide range of poster templates and practical advice to help you create professional-looking publicity for your event. 

Where to display/distribute your print publicity - Talk to public venues in your area, such as your local community centre, library, doctors surgery and shops/cafes to see if they can help distribute your print publicity and display one of your posters. 

Struggling with printing costs? Approach your local printer to see if they do a special rate for charities and/or local community projects. They may even be interested in covering some of your printing costs in return for having their logo on your flyer - it's worth an ask.