[Photo credit: Kristian Buus]


Kinetika People is a charity, specialising in community engagement and #placemaking through outdoor arts. Creative Lives have been collaborating with them for the Beach of Dreams project. 

In April, Kinetika was looking for sewing volunteers helping them make costumes that will be worn by performers for The Thank You Dance at Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

To learn more, visit www.kinetika.co.uk 

Black Box Projects

Winners of the 2021 Ireland Creative Lives Award, Black Box Projects are created and run for and by people with learning disabilities, supported by a team of dedicated volunteers and the Black Box venue in Belfast. In April, the group launched an original music video commissioned by Disability Arts Online. Watch and listen below:

We edited together some photographs, paintings, sketches, and video clips to create the music video ‘It is Hard to Find Words for Feelings. 

"The plan was to go for some socially distanced walks as a group to gather ideas, themes, and inspiration from Nature! We went for two walks, one in Botanic Gardens and the other in Ormeau Park. Here are some photos of us there," said one of the group members.

Learn more about this Black Box Project on their website: www.blackboxbelfast.com 

World Song Choir

This community choir is open to anyone in the belief that everyone can sing, regardless of background or experience. The choir members rehearse weekly at Coventry Central Hall.

World Song was looking for new members to join its friendly group for their new term starting on 27 April. 

If you want to learn more about the choir and how to join them, visit www.worldsong.co.uk

Bridgend Farmhouse

Scotland's Winner at the Epic Awards 2020 (now called the Creative Lives Awards), Bridgend Farmhouse announced the launch of a series of woodwork sessions set to continue on a weekly basis, every Sunday and Wednesday. It's something fun and creative to try your hand at the Bridgend Farmhouse, Edinburgh EH16 4TE.

If you're interested in learning more, visit www.bridgendfarmhouse.org.uk or contact the team at [email protected].