Exit 15 is a partnership programme between Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and Voluntary Arts Ireland working with people and organisations living, working and based in the Ballyogan area.

It is funded under the Arts Council’s Invitation to Collaboration Scheme 2017 and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Engagement is at the heart of this programme with emphasis on how to design cultural programmes that are responsive to and involve input from local people from the very start. 


Exit 15 has invited three artists to the Ballyogan area, to meet and create art together with the local community.


Michael Fortune has been a pioneer in the area of socially engaged work within Ireland over the past fifteen years and his practice has widened the conversations regarding the intersection of traditional and contemporary cultures. His life, interests and practice are an intertwined and inseparable mix of the ancient, the contemporary, the private, the public and the intangible. 

As part of the Exit 15 Project, Michael explored folklore, stories and contemporary rituals, using film, photography and media to capture findings. Michael met with members of the Travelling Community in Ballyogan and documented elements of their folklore, culture and rituals, through story telling. Michael’s project was launched with a screening and conversation in March, in Samuel Beckett Civic Campus.


Mark Storor is an award winning British artist with an international reputation and extensive experience of working collaboratively with organisations and communities with little connection with the arts, and in sensitive settings. Mark works in the space between live art and theatre he specialises in giving voice to those we all too rarely choose to hear, often collaborating with people from vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Mark has been working with families and individuals in the community, and in April 2018, Exit 15 was proud to host an exhibition of this work, “Flying Blind Semi Blue with a Belly Full of Ring ‘a Ring ‘a Rosy”.


Michael McLoughlin’s work often focuses on lived memory and how we define the space we live in. This could be first memories of a place, how we give directions or describe it to someone else, or how we define the places that are important to us. 

Michael's project engages with residents of all ages to map the experiences of living in the area of Exit 15. Together they explore how residents negotiate the area now and how they did so at different points in time; 10, 20, 30 years ago. The artwork that comes from the project will be something that can be shared with future residents, or revisited down the way as a reminder of generations past.


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