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Zero Waste North WestZero Waste North West, an environmental campaigning group founded in 2013, had a big splash moment in 2018 at the Halloween Parade in Derry~Londonderry. Stepping away from their usual positive vision of a zero waste future, they focused on the scary reality of climate chaos. Part-funded by a grant, the group began to build a whale during the Enough Stuff Festival. The completion of the project was funded and supported by the North West Carnival Initiative (NWCI), where participants painted the willow body and filled its belly with collected household waste. During October volunteers worked to complete the whale sculpture, which was paraded on Halloween night in a mock funeral procession by 22 zero wasters aged 1-63. The message reached an audience of up to 30,000 who attended the parade, and the waste was carefully recycled after the festival.


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