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#WeMadeThis#WeMadeThis is a Hull-based community group founded in June 2017. Working as a diverse collective specialising in large-scale craft projects, the team of volunteers have organised three main projects each year that include monthly maker days and shared community materials. The projects include groups and participants of all age, ability and background from across the community and culminate in large scale public installations. In 2018, these included:

Easter Treats (24 March – 8 April) – 24 trees in 18 locations across the city
Hull Spirit: Iconic People & Places (9 – 28 September, Hull Minster): around 50 makes representing well-known Hull people
Christmas Trees Revisited (8 – 29 December): the second edition of our Christmas Trees, consisting of 50+ trees in 33 locations

“For us, 2018 stands out as the year one person’s one-off idea to decorate some ‘Christmas trees’ became a formally constituted community group. The enthusiasm for this initial 2017 project and subsequent ones, as well as the growing number and range of participants clearly demonstrate there is a need for this type of group, where the community (we) comes together to create (made) something for a purpose (this).”


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