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tactileBOSCH is a volunteer artist collective based in Cardiff that specializes in experimental artworks within diverse venues and contexts – often reclaiming old buildings. The Lost Vegas Hotel project was a multi arts immersive event, challenging perceptions about how and where artists present their work. 

tactileBOSCH has developed into an itinerant, nomadic project which seeks out unusual and often challenging buildings, presenting them with interesting, transformative spaces alive with history, encouraging a complex dialogue between artist, curator, gallery, location and audience.

The recent initiative Lost Vegas Hotel came out of dialogue about preserving Cardiff’s live music scene, as well as promoting, developing and campaigning for a diverse, vibrant and dynamic cultural landscape within Cardiff. An abandoned Casino provided a unique ambience to stage a multi arts immersive event. Lost Vegas Hotel brought together local, national and international artists from different disciplines to create a vibrant and visceral showcase of talent and activity.


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