Spit It Out ProjectSpit it Out is a collection of young people who aim to build connections and provide a platform for discussions about mental health, sex positivity, and healing through creativity.

In 2019, they started organising screenings, live performance events and talks as a way to raise money for various different charities that share their message. From there, they began a six-episode podcast series exploring themes of sexuality and consent – followed by a zine to educate and inform people about topics such as sex positivity, trauma and depression.

The collective is made up of 12 young professionals with diverse skills from event management, visual arts and performance art – all of whom volunteer their time and skills to organise free and accessible events. All of the artists voluntarily create content to use for marketing and promotional purposes as well as performing and giving talks about mental health, consent and creativity.

“The volunteers in Spit it Out are working on a new way to perform and create content about difficult and taboo subjects,” says co-founder Lea Luiz de Oliveira. “By releasing art about sexual trauma, queer identity and mental health issues, the organisation tries to fight the current stigmas and push for a more accessible representation of these realities.”


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