Say It Aint Sew

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Say It Ain’t Sew holds free, easy and fun hand sewing classes in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Stirling one night a week for two hours.

The groups are all run by volunteer tutors in pubs and bars, and encourage adults to get together and participate in a fun and engaging, pre-planned, class.

The classes promote positive mental health, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, self-esteem, social skills, problem solving, and of course the skill of hand sewing.

Each week participants make something completely different, all materials and equipment is donated by small businesses, and Say It Ain’t Sew has partnered with Brewdog to run classes in its bars.

Say It Ain’t Sew describes its classes as ‘a hive of creative activity’ and hopes to launch similar groups in England/Wales and Europe within the next 3-5 years.

They believe hand sewing is becoming a lost art and that we can stitch our communities back together again.

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