Sahyadri Friends GroupWhat started with a single coffee morning in a Coventry library has grown to become a network of meetings in five libraries, involving a diverse mix of about 250 Indian families. The Sahyadri Friends Group was initially established to support women who had moved to the city with their families and were feeling isolated and sometimes suffering from mental health issues.

The group is passionate about celebrating the differences and diversities in the community and the meetings are seen as a chance to share thoughts and experiences, discuss problems, make friends and break cultural barriers. As well as regular activities for all ages, including yoga, dance, music, art, crafts, fashion, jewellery and more, the group celebrate major Indian festivals such as Diwali and Holi on a grand scale.

In 2019 the group held more than 30 events across Coventry and published a monthly online magazine, entitled Spectrum, with contributions from members. The group have also been invited to perform or take part in the Positive Images Festival, International Women's Day at Coventry Libraries, and a Christmas event at Coventry Cathedral. All of this work focuses on the emotional wellbeing and mental health of members and participants.


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