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Reach for Change saw six autistic young people who are passionate about raising autism awareness write, produce and perform a play that is truly making a difference.

Realising there was a nationwide lack of services and understanding of autism the young people wanted to deliver information and awareness in a new and innovative way. ‘In Our World: A Day on the Spectrum’ covers bullying, sensory issues, school, employment, criminal justice and more.

To present autistic experiences in a unique way, they invited local police officers, a deputy head teacher, staff from supermarkets and a hotel manager to all play themselves in the show to add to the realism of each scene. They also included audience participation, to demonstrate how other people’s action or inaction can have a large impact on an autistic individual.

The show has been staged in venues in Inverclyde and Glasgow, and in 2017 specially chosen themes were performed for the First Minister and the Cabinet. As they continue to perform their play, the young people hope they are able to inspire those with autism and their families and show that although there are struggles, they can still do great things.


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