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Based in Ayrshire, the Pennyburn Regeneration Youth Development Enterprise (or PRYDE) is a much-needed creative hub in an area where there is little cultural provision. Volunteer effort plays a key role in everything that happens at the centre.

Creative writing gives local young people a chance to express their feelings in a safe, non-judgemental environment, with other young volunteers helping to add music.  

PRYDE’s music workshops are aimed at all ages, and one young volunteer, who took drum lessons for four years, now tutors a beginner group. A weekly class for adults with additional support needs gives opportunities to play instruments and dance, aided by volunteers.

‘Shock Rock Horror House’ is a dry club night, with young volunteers doing everything from sound to booking. The night gives young musicians a chance to play in front of an audience, gaining experience and fans.

Using new digital recording software, people from any background can record their music without worrying about cost. Each group is a stepping stone - from music workshops where you learn how to play, to creative writing to forming a band that plays at the Shock Rock event.


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