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This community participation project aims to get people using recycled fabric and junk mail to make hexagon patches which when joined together will make a record breaking 52m Christmas Stocking! Approximately half a million 3” hexagons are required to complete the NI Big Sock.

Working with craft fair organisers, fabric shops, museums, community organisations and pop up events has given the public the opportunity to have a go at making hexagons. Businesses have generously donated fabric and paper as well as provided publicity and help fundraise.

There is a task for people of all ages and abilities. Young and old alike are teaching each other the basics of quilting. Community participation has brought new friendships and intergenerational mixing adding social and civic benefits as people work to achieve this world record!

During 2016 the NI Big Sock co-ordinator and helpers have travelled to many towns and villages around Northern Ireland to engage the community by visiting schools, craft groups, community organisations and having a presence at public events.

"People have shown creativity by using unusual materials to create the hexagons (one was made from chain mail) others added applique or painted decoration and once all the hexagons are joined together the finished stocking will be a creative work of art showcasing co-operation as the result of 1000s of hours of creativity by 1000s of people in NI who have contributed to this initiative."

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