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Nasty Women North East began last February after their three co-founders all showed work in the original Nasty Women exhibition in New York. Since then they’ve engaged thousands of people as artists, volunteers and viewers. The core group now has about 50 members, ranging in age from 19-68, and from a diverse range of backgrounds. In the past year they have held three international exhibitions, been in two documentaries and organised the first international Nasty Women Conference.

Entirely self-funded and run by volunteers, their exhibitions have shown over 350 works by 120 people from 23 countries. The exhibitions are open to all - “no need to be an artist, a woman or even particularly nasty”. Those contributing to the exhibitions ranged from 5 to 72 years old and also included the renowned feminist art collective The Guerrilla Girls.

The two-day international conference held in Gateshead in November included performance lectures, quizzes, burlesque dancing, photo evaluations and food art to encourage new ideas, build new relationships  and make exciting plans for the future.


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