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Magpie DanceMagpie Dance’s “Hidden Impact” project revealed the untold stories of the contributions made by people with learning disabilities during World War I. Through a series of workshops and partnerships with other organisations, the participants were able to reconnect with stories from the past and retell these through dance performances. The project made use of innovative virtual and augmented reality technology to make the global heritage of WW1 more accessible to the dancers and audiences with learning disabilities. They created a physical and digital project exhibition and performed in venues across London and the South East - including at the Royal Opera House! This project, led by people with learning disabilities, aimed to increase the appreciation of the contribution people like them made at an important time in history. The project’s digital legacy aims to ensure that neither the contributions of the WWI generation nor the “Hidden Impact” team are forgotten.

“I could see all the emotions and crying going on (in the audience). My dance built all their tears. I felt my grandad was there – I felt a presence.” - Hidden Impact participant


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