Goldies Cymru

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Goldies Cymru was established in 2012 and has grown to the point where there are now 50 monthly/weekly sessions across 10 counties in South Wales, reaching over 800 participants every month.

The project provides the opportunity for people who live in isolation to get out and engage, enjoy the company of others and to make new supportive friendships through organised recreational Sing and Smile sessions.

Goldies sessions take place in open access locations where people sing along to popular hits chosen by participants. Goldies is not a choir, participants don't need to be able to sing, just love music and everyone is welcome.

Goldies Cymru also runs an intergenerational schools programme called Time after Time where schools open their doors to older people from their communities to take part in memory-evoking creative projects, designed and led by the schools and Goldies participants, that encourage communication between the age groups.

One regular attendee said “I used to sit at home and didn’t want to come out. Now I’m a part of a group that meet regularly, go on holidays together (wearing Goldies t-shirts) and support one another.”

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