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Foleshill CreatesHaving identified a gap in provision, the Foleshill Creates group was founded at the Broad Street Meeting Hall in Foleshill, Coventry with the aim of bringing people together to create, talk, tackle isolation and improve people's wellbeing.

Based in a part of the city with challenges including food poverty, the weekly sessions brought local artists into the space to share skills and help locals to develop their own creativity as well as showcase local artistic talent. An "Ideas Shower" was held to generate ideas and soon sessions were taking place on sewing, felt puppets, abstract art and mask making with air clay.

The group, which now has 29 core members, partnered with the Coventry UK City of Culture team to produce lanterns for the Carnival of Lights and have also worked with the Belgrade Theatre and the Boudice Festival. The group feel these partnerships stem from being able to find common values and work on projects that interest the local community.

"I'm really pleased with myself, it got me out of my depression, made me better and I look forward to coming" - participant


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