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Five Lamps Arts Festival


The Five Lamps Arts Festival is a growing event with a growing team, embedded in the local community of the North East inner city of Dublin. Since 2007, it has programmed various arts events from theatre, live music and arts exhibitions to arts, crafts and dance workshops in local schools and community centres. The festival is now steered by an active, vibrant Board which includes representatives from the local community, and up to 50 talented volunteers from Ireland and overseas. 

The need for such an event in the area was highlighted in a report on ways of combating gangland murders, published three years ago. At the initiative of NEIC (North East Inner City development programme), a group of civil servants, local activists and officers of Dublin City Council have committed to changing the local story by championing the Five Lamps Arts Festival. Event organisers deliver arts events throughout the year aimed at, and involving, the local community in a variety of settings. Importantly, it has championed and supported local artists, as evidenced by the #FiveLampsChats series. 

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