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Bluebell Community Development Project - Big Breakfast

The Bluebell Community Development Project (CDP), a Dublin-based non-profit organisation, has a strong commitment to driving social change against poverty and exclusion through a range of engaging initiatives with and for the local community. Fridays are special days when the ‘Big’ breakfast brings people together to enjoy affordable food and performing arts. Starting as an intervention for older men living on society’s margins, this initiative grew into a space where breakfast was shared by many amidst conversation, song, laughter and love. The guitar lessons for disabled women and men, quickly became a performing space that nurtured both an individual and collective exuberance witnessed through joyous participation in song, dance, holding hands and excited anticipation of every performance. With financial support from Dublin Neighbourhood Programme, CPD went on to create a music dialogue and a song piece which led to a unique opportunity for the participants - performing on the stage of the National Concert Hall with the full National Symphony Orchestra in September 2019. 

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