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It may be small, but the village of Finzean in rural Aberdeenshire likes to think big. Committed to staging creative events for anyone living within 25 square kilometres of the village hall, Finzean Community Association spent 2019 putting together BeeKind. A community show inspired by the life of bees, the production involved almost 100 participants aged 4-75 years old, all of whom took on a job that best suited their talents. 

A young couple from a military band created the soundtrack; children played the parts of garden flowers and pollinating insects; a local dance teacher helped with choreography; a dentist filmed the show; a retired schoolteacher made hundreds of tiny bees – and much more besides. As they arrived, audiences were treated to a specially composed soundscape, flower scents designed by a herbalist, and honey-themed refreshments. 

“The play was inspired by a bee hive as an analogy for community, with everyone working together for the greater good,” explains group member, Guy Haslam, “Bees forage, housekeep, raise young and produce honey together - these are the principles of a good community, with a focus on collaboration to deliver a sweet outcome. Our main aim was to create opportunities for people to come together across generations, share skills and experiences – and these new relationships have made the community stronger.”


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