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Art on the Hill NewportArt on the Hill Newport is an open house and open studio annual arts trail that takes place in November on the west side of Newport, South Wales. 

The project began as a conversation between three friends, and a desire to combine their knowledge, resources and experience for the benefit of their local community, particularly around Stow Hill and west Newport where they all lived. Their ambition was to create an event that reduced barriers for people in our community to enjoy and participate with the arts in Newport, regardless of medium or as a professional, participant or audience member.

Working in partnership with Cwtsh, the Community Arts Centre & Library, Art on the Hill Newport has taken place since 2017. In 2019, the arts trail featured over 100 artists in 32 venues. Bringing together multiple venues over one weekend has increased the community’s access to a diverse range of artistic activity and has helped reduce barriers for participation and improved engagement between organisations and members of the public.


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