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Active Inquiry Theatre Company’s ‘Connecting Lives’ project brought together participants from three community groups, who worked together over 10 weeks.

All based in the Leith area of Edinburgh, Shakti Women's Aid, Bethany Homeless Charity and The Alma Project (mental health and arts) had worked with Active Inquiry previously, on a two-year project which supported the groups to form their own theatre companies and produce shows.

After this initial project came to an end, they decided to build on the networking, solidarity and sense of community that had developed between the groups, and in particular the shared issue of isolation and loneliness. The participants worked with each other, guided by Active Inquiry, to make a powerful piece of theatre called ‘Connected Lives’, which explored the various ways their circumstances contributed to their experience of loneliness - but also showed the places for connections to happen, which could lead to meaningful friendship and support.

All the participants were involved at every step, and took active roles in devising, writing and performing the piece, forming strong connections along the way.

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