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24 Carat Gold24 Carat Gold are a group of dancers who met at Dance Base in Edinburgh nine years ago, when they took part in a class for people aged over 60. They enjoyed the class so much, they decided to set up their own group to have more opportunities to dance, experiment with choreography and perform.

The dancers in 24 Carat Gold are aged from 60 to 87 years old and their dance experiences range from contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet, belly dancing and line dancing to ballroom and Scottish country dancing. The group meets fortnightly, and funds its own sessions (£2 each – or £5 if they’re paying for a professional choreographer to come in). All the participants are voluntary and help in various ways - a secretary who books venues and choreographers, a designer who creates the programmes, flyers and costumes etc.

The Carats regularly take part in festivals and events, performing for large and small but always appreciative crowds.
They work hard, dance, laugh, share thoughts and emotions – they help each other celebrate the good things and listen and support during sad times. They teach each other, learn different styles of dance from each other and have a lot of fun.