Whatever your art or craft form, this briefing is designed to help you think through the process of hiring a freelance artist or facilitator.

Appointing a freelancer can be a great opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to your group – one that can have lasting positive benefits.

Freelancers are often the best option for short projects where you need specific skills, and where it would not be feasible to take on a part-time paid or voluntary staff member.

By employing someone on a freelance basis you can tailor your choice of person to the role, and be clear in advance about what you expect them to deliver and what they can expect from you. 

This resource explains:- 

  • Creating a freelancing opportunity
  • Sourcing a freelancer
  • Recruiting methods
  • Monitoring approaches 

Download Briefing 126: Engaging with Freelancers

Checklist to accompany briefing 126