High Street Social Club grew out of a burgeoning relationship between two grassroots organisations in Ramsgate, Kent – Discovery Planet and Arts in Ramsgate. Both organisations operate from small venues on Ramsgate High Street, situated almost immediately opposite each other, but each tended to attract a very different demographic group (young people and families at Discovery Planet, and older people with complex needs at Arts in Ramsgate).

Early in 2023 the two organisations successfully ran a few events simultaneously, to enable people to explore themed activities in different ways, and build-up courage to enter the space opposite. This was so successful that they decided to try and create a joined-up creative learning space, which would bring the two groups together and give them a sense of ownership over this relatively quiet section of Ramsgate town centre - and so the High Street Social Club was born.

“During the weekly sessions a tight-knit but welcoming group formed,” says Xanthe Pitt of Discovery Planet, “and within the calm atmosphere, there were moving and intimate conversations about difficult issues and vulnerabilities within the community.

Having built a clear brand identity, High Street Social Club continues each Friday at Arts in Ramsgate, and is considered an essential element of participants’ lives. Now people regularly cross the road to try out new things in the space opposite.”

You can find out more via their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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