The internet offers a wealth of information and free tools that can help you and your group organise and promote your creative activities, enabling you to reach out to potential new participants, volunteers and supporters.

However, the internet can be a difficult place to navigate and it can be tricky to know where to start, especially if you aren't 'digitally savvy'! To help make your life easier we take a look at some of the digital platforms that could be of use to your creative group, and, with help from digital experts, share practical advice on how to use them.

We’ve also gathered together lots of useful information and toolkits that are already out there, which can help you build your digital skills and get to grips with social media. And, because we know that in-person training works well too, we’ve included some advice about training providers and support services that you can access to give your digital skills a boost.

So whether you're lacking in confidence or have some experience but feel that there is more you could be doing, we invite you to take a look at the following resources and connect with Voluntary Arts on social media so we can share your journey . . .