Meeting outdoors has its challenges and opportunities - we speak to a few groups who have done it and learnt things along the way . . . 

Community Dance Isle of Wight - 'Dance on the Grass'

Michelle Hainsworth runs Community Dance Isle of Wight. A lot of Michelle’s dancers are in the vulnerable category (over 70) and therefore had to self-isolate for many weeks. She kept in touch with participants and created pre-recorded sessions with technical exercises they had previously done in class. Some of the groups were set the task of creating a short dance inspired by places in their homes and gardens, which Michelle edited into a film.

After 12 weeks, Michelle emailed her groups asking if they'd like more pre-recorded sessions, some Zoom classes or classes outdoors. Overwhelmingly they voted for outdoor classes, they missed dancing as a group and needed to see each other . . . read more

Hip Hop

When it comes to dancing outside, nobody knows the terrain better than the hip hop community - they've been dancing outdoors from the very start! We speak to Rachel Pedley of Avant Cymru and Michael 'Silence' Glasgow of Break Mission about tips and ideas they can share with the wider dance community . . . . read more.

Dance East - 'Party in the Park'

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