two ladies holding handcrafted pieces

Founded in September 2021 by three volunteers in South Yorkshire, Dadesley Crafting began by delivering a crochet group and a free yarn group once a week. The group’s aim was to bring people together, using craft to combat loneliness and improve mental health and wellbeing. This volunteer-led, inclusive group allows everyone from the community to join, so people with dementia can be found crafting alongside those with anxiety. 

In 2022, they opened a dedicated craft room at a second site and are now open six days a week, with a growing membership of more than 100 people aged between 18 and 90. They offered 65 different craft workshops, all aimed at beginners, providing support in every session from threading a needle to simply holding someone’s hand and listening. They also work with other local groups such as Fun-filled Days, who provide social activities for adults with mild learning disabilities, and Circles, who help older people connect with their community. 

“The input, ideas and views of volunteers are invaluable to us, with each one bringing their own unique skill set. People help to make tea and coffee, sort donations, and create things for us to sell - which helps raise much-needed funds. We are determined that everyone who comes to Dadesley Crafting, both volunteers and members, will flourish in this community group. We're looking forward to the exciting times ahead.” Michelle Dunn, Dadesley Crafting

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Dadesley Crafting is on the shortlist for the Creative Lives Awards 2022. Support this group in the competition for the People's Choice Award!

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