Based in Shetland, Curious Pilgrims focuses on the relationship between the arts and the natural environment, and the positive impact these can have on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing - both on individuals and communities. 

During the pandemic, they set up ‘Community Voices: Memories & Stories of Island People’ to help reduce feelings of isolation and give participants an opportunity to express their feelings creatively during such a difficult time. An open call invited people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds to devise and create first-hand narratives of their lives, stories and perceptions. Participation was free, and it was left up to participants to decide what they chose to share and which creative/expressive medium to use.

The result is a 22-minute docufilm capturing the voices, creative endeavours and landscape of Shetland. You can watch the video here:

“As Shetland is the most geographically remote group of islands of the UK, the feeling of social isolation can take on a new meaning and instil sentiments that might not be experienced by people living on mainland. 

"First-hand narratives of people and lived experiences are a powerful way of communication and since it is specific to Shetland, ‘Community Voices’ acts as a memorial that preserves a moment in time during an exceptional event in recent history.” Gaby Giacchino, Curious Pilgrims

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