An invitation to Join Graham Leicester and Michael Donnelly

Dates: 16 and 17 May 2018
Venue: Tory Bush Cottages, Bryansford, Mourne Mountains, Co Down

You are invited to step away from your everyday world to take part in an intense two-day course in the beautiful Mournes. Making Shift Happen Together is the first step on a potential learning journey taking you through a landscape of ideas, insights, tools and practices that you can use to bring about transformative change for the common good – in organisations and in society.The course is based on the work of the International Futures Forum, an influential charitable organisation based in Scotland that publishes, supports, and teaches people to create and then sustain transformative innovation.

We are confronted by large and complex challenges in today’s world – in such a scale that these challenges can be described as emergencies. The emergencies are not only real and tangible but also conceptual – we struggle to make sense of what’s happening – and existential – we often feel overwhelmed, ‘in over our heads’.

How to respond? Established ways of working and managing have to transform. Innovation and change run into the buffers when they encounter “the system” – that inertia that hampers effective change. This course offers opportunities to learn about ways of thinking and doing that can be used to help shift the system towards meaningful change – starting from small but significant ‘acts of creative transgression’.

There are various ways of describing potential participants in this course.  For example, it is for:

  • people who are trying, in various ways, in diverse organisational or community settings, to bring about transformative change for the good in this part of the world
  • people who are purveyors of ‘practical hope’ and instigators of ‘wise initiatives’
  • people who seek to enable and enact change through ‘small acts of creative transgression’
  • people who are facilitating organisations and individuals to lead new ways of transformation and collaboration
  • people who recognise that the challenges of today require better ways of getting things done

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