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No one wants to experience a disaster but, in the unlikely event that one should occur, dealing with it promptly, resolutely and clearly - and being perceived to do so - can reflect favourably on the reputation of your voluntary arts group. With a positive approach it is possible to emerge from a crisis even stronger, taking the opportunity to develop more robust methods of working, and finding new ways to connect with your local community.

The obvious way to avoid a disaster is to take preventative measures. Previous briefings (see Further Resources
section) have dealt with the prevention of crises (such as fires, financial problems, and child protection incidents)
before they occur, by introducing risk assessment procedures and contingency planning.

This briefing covers: 

  • Different types of disaster to consider 
  • Glossary of terms 
  • The Crisis Managment Plan
  • Dealing with the media
  • Actions to take if disaster strikes 
  • Further Resources 

Briefing 146: Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery