Criccieth is a small, bilingual town on the coast of north-west Wales. But like many other seaside resorts it faces challenging times, from a lack of employment prospects for young people and housing difficulties, to supporting a large, often isolated retired population, a struggling high street and the lingering social and economic effects of the pandemic. 

Criccieth Town Council continues to respond to these challenges by building on its record of creative engagement and facilitating a number of imaginative projects which have involved volunteers in their design and delivery. This has been a community effort, drawing on talents from across the generations and from all districts of the town. 

Our work has continued and been inspired by the concept of placemaking to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share. This has involved re-imagining and re-inventing our community spaces including our Memorial Hall, which celebrated its centenary this year.  

The creative work has included digital aspects, a lot of paint, arts and crafts – even performance and gardening to celebrate our history and heritage, to increase the vibrancy of our community while also improving the quality of life by engaging residents and spreading messages of friendship, kindness and inclusivity. This creative effort has had a massive impact locally on both residents and visitors.” Dr Catrin Jones, Cricieth Creadigol - Creative Criccieth

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