Creativity in the workplace

Creative Lives can help businesses to improve staff wellbeing through offering creative talks, workshops and links to local creative groups. 

Creative Lives works to celebrate, encourage and champion people expressing themselves creatively in their everyday lives and practising their creativity socially with other people.

A growing body of evidence shows that taking part in regular creative activity like drawing, painting, writing or singing can lead to numerous benefits including improved mood, increased mental wellbeing, increased fine motor skills, as well as personal satisfaction. 

The solution we offer businesses to engage in creativity

We can provide different types of talks and workshops to suit your organisational needs. Whether that is a half-hour introduction to the benefits of creative activity, a half-day practical workshop at a staff day, or a series of regular creative sessions, we can facilitate your organisation's requirements for creativity, improved employee wellbeing and inclusivity. 

Restrictions such as capacity or lack of available creative space should not hold your organisation back from signing up to a creative lives workshop as we can facilitate you in collaboration with our local partners.

Taking part in a Creative Lives workshop should feel as though everyone present is taking part in something special, building relationships with colleagues, a sense that we are all in this together. Our workshops introduce a range of creative exercises, to encourage participants to make creative activity a regular part of their lives. 

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes from our workshops are:

  • Increased understanding by the company and employees about how to manage wellbeing through regular participation in creative activities.
  • Improved knowledge of where and how to make creative activity a habit. This includes Creative Lives starting connections between the organisation and creative groups in the locality.

Following each workshop we know that each attendee will feel an increased sense of having participated in something together, creative collaboration with colleagues, improved mood, interest in a new hobby or skill, and a direct link to voluntary creative opportunities in their local communities.

If you'd like an informal chat about the possibilities please get in touch by emailing [email protected].