The What Works Wellbeing centre is dedicated to understanding what national and local governments, along with voluntary and business partners, can do to increase wellbeing. As part of its research, it has been looking into the impact of participation in the arts. What Works Wellbeing

Its first systematic reviews of the evidence on wellbeing interventions for healthy adults is now available for you to download. It shows what works, and for whom, when it comes to singing, music and wellbeing.

What music and singing interventions work to improve wellbeing of adults? This research looks at all the available evidence to support better decision-making.

This summary looks at music and singing for healthy adults. A briefing focusing specifically on music and wellbeing for adults with diagnosed conditions and dementia will be available in December 2016.

Download the policy briefing here or visit the What Works Wellbeing website for more in-depth research and analysis.