A new report ‘Creative Lives On Air: Phase Two Report’ (written by Nick Ewbank Associates), published this week, reflects on a period when Creative Lives On Air played an unexpected and increasingly important role in supporting people in communities across the country during lockdown. 

The project has demonstrated good ability to reach into isolated people’s homes through BBC local radio. Through surfacing and supporting everyday creativity, Creative Lives On Air may have a role to play in helping to reduce health inequalities

You can read the full report below or via ISSUU.

Nine themes emerge in the report, through 15 illuminating case studies, which show examples of creativity happening at home, in nature and in communities:

  • Topic 1: Stories of Change

Case studies: Holding Time; An Unexpected Delivery; Hidden Depths

  • Topic 2: Navigating Pandemic Lockdowns

Case studies: The Sound of Cov; Lincolnshire's Biggest Choir

  • Topic 3: Exploring Everyday Creativity

Case study: Art for Wellbeing Group

  • Topic 4: The Home and Nature as Sites for Creativity

Case studies: The Raven; Sound and Listening

  • Topic 5: Challenging the Language of Barriers

Case studies: Coffee 'n' Laughs; New Beginnings

  • Topic 6: The Changing Media Environment

Case studies: Podcast Training; The Community Radio Conference

  • Topic 7: Staff Support

Case study: Career Progression

  • Topic 8: Funding and Legacy

Case study: The Leeds Model

  • Topic 9: Evaluation Challenges

Case study: Coventry Creates

The report highlights innovative radio content. This includes live interviews, calls to action and in-depth audio packages, which celebrate and explore the connection between creativity and wellbeing, trying to break down the barriers of who art and creativity is for.

The report concludes with three recommendations:

  • That Creative Lives On Air is aligned more closely with area-based health and wellbeing planning
  • That Creative Lives creates a publicly accessible online repository of ‘stories of change’. 
  • That Creative Lives adopts a new operational model targeted at BBC local radio stations in areas of high socio-economic need.

You can download the full report as PDF file [3.3MB].

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