Creative Community Boxes is a new project providing arts and crafts materials in community venues in Cardiff.

There are extensive proven benefits to communal participation in creative activities, including improved mood; increased social connection; improved physical and mental health; and skills development.

However, recruiting a freelance artist to lead regular group activities can be expensive and risks creating a dependency on one person. We believe that creative activities are most valuable if they are shaped and directed by the people who take part in them. 

For this project, we have placed boxes of arts and crafts materials in four community venues in Cardiff, where groups have started meeting weekly following the pandemic, and who have requested creative activities.

Based on suggestions from the groups, we have provided arts and crafts materials in each venue, along with a selection of creative prompts in Welsh and English. Each box has our contact details and suggestion slips for further materials, prompts and feedback. We will regularly replenish the materials and prompts over the course of the project. 

The project is supported by a grant from National Lottery Awards for All Wales

Art & Craft Swap

We know that some people struggle to afford new art supplies, while others may have spare and unused materials at home.

So in addition to the Creative Community Boxes, we're piloting an Art & Craft Swap in Whitchurch Hub, Cardiff, with further exchanges to follow. 

If you're in the area and have any spare arts and crafts materials, please consider donating them.

Or if you'd like to try a creative activity at home, please help yourself to some of the materials! 

For further information, please contact [email protected]

We are extremely grateful to National Lottery Awards for All Wales for their support for this project.