Creative Lives is aware of the challenges facing local authorities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and numerous other factors. We are keen to support local authorities as one of the key ways we can help to promote local regular participation in creative activities.

Creative cultural pursuits bring people together, teach them new skills, boost confidence and bring about a sense of achievement, identity and place. The research report ‘Common Ground - Rewilding the Garden’, published by Creative Lives in November 2020, concluded that “there is a huge resource of grassroots arts groups right across the country with an important contribution to make to maintaining individual and community health”. Creative communities and engagement can drive equality and social cohesion.

Creative Citizens is a new flexible consultancy package for local authorities which will be tailored to the relevant council area, using some or all of the following components:

  • mapping existing voluntary/amateur creative groups and activities in the relevant local area, using our bespoke Creativity Map creating a self-sustaining network of local creative groups and creative citizens using the #CreativeNetwork model, to provide peer support and a single interface with the sector for the
  • local authority, making sure creative groups and individuals are represented at strategic level and beyond – giving them agency
  • identifying key support needs for local creative groups and creative citizens and providing online interactive Creative Learning sessions, empowering and mobilising people – particularly those in neglected and vulnerable communities – to help themselves and others to be creative
  • looking at the particular regulatory requirements for local voluntary/amateur creative groups re-starting their activities following lockdown and identifying ways to help groups comply with relevant regulations and guidelines
  • releasing ‘lost talent’ by addressing barriers to creativity in various communities that impede the quality of life of ordinary people, using the Open Conversations model to develop equal opportunities for everyone in communities to be creative as part of their everyday lives
  • revitalising the local voluntary arts sector by developing and managing a micro grants scheme to develop local groups and catalyse other seed-funding.

We realise that each local authority will be different: this broad programme of work can be adjusted for each location.

Creative Citizens is intended to help local authorities with:

  • engaging with local voluntary arts groups
  • addressing some of the key themes and principles of national cultural policy
  • looking at the role of volunteer-led grassroots creative activities in relation to national initiatives such as the Arts Council England Creative People and Places scheme, UK City of Culture etc.
  • demonstrating the need for investment in local cultural economies
  • addressing the needs of local cultural ecologies
  • improving health and wellbeing through cultural participation
  • developing the use of empty shops and unused public spaces for cultural activity
  • supporting the development and implementation of cultural and or health and wellbeing strategies

If you're interested in deepening the connection with creative groups in your area, please get in touch via [email protected] and we'd be happy to arrange a meeting with you.