The craft and design hub in West Kilbride, Scotland’s only Craft town.

In 1998 a group of community activists and elected representatives, supported by the community, launched West Kilbride Community Initiative Limited (WKCIL) as a vehicle to regenerate the community by creating Scotland’s only designated Craft and Design town.

The ethos of the organisation was to use crafts in the social, economic, cultural and environmental regeneration of the community. In doing so, the underlying principle was that craft was at the centre of the activities of Craft Town Scotland.

Over the subsequent years, the Initiative with support from funders, has bought or been gifted a total of 9 studios along the main streets which offer affordable rents to a wide range of makers/artists. These working studios are open 3 days a week to the public, Thurs-Sat 11am-4pm, although private appointments can be made out-with these hours.

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