We are teaming up with Heritage Crafts for a programme of events and on-air coverage of crafts in Coventry, to coincide with Coventry City of Culture. We are grateful for funding by Coventry City Council.

From January until March there will be a series of craft workshops and on-air content focusing on how making has defined the city in the past and continues to do so today; from the wool and leather trades, through ribbon making, and watchmaking, through to car and bicycle making.

Coventry is a city steeped in craft skill, and that legacy continues to this day with these skills and and many more. We will be using this opportunity to celebrate the role that making plays in keeping us healthy, happy and engaged with the material and social world around us, and its contribution to local distinctiveness and place.

At the end of March there will be a big flagship event combining influential and inspiring talks, demonstrations of craft skills and opportunities for you to take part.

If you would like to take part in any way, please contact Daniel Carpenter at [email protected] today!