Started by five choir leaders in Cardiff who, post-pandemic, felt that community choirs needed to be more sustainable and guided by participants, Choirs For Good has grown and grown. Their volunteer Board has overseen the opening and operation of 11 choirs across Wales, from Conwy in the north to Cardiff in the south, Aberystwyth in the west to Abergavenny in the east.

Each choir meets weekly and focuses on improving the wellbeing of its singers, both physically and emotionally. The choirs are all self-determining entities, set up with a structure that means the choir will continue to exist as long as the choristers want it to. Additionally, the choirs are pillars for good in their communities, championing local causes, volunteering, raising money, and amplifying important movements and community work.

“We have a pathway for choristers who are on means-tested benefits to pay a greatly reduced price,” says Alicia Stark of Choirs For Good, “and also work in collaboration with two health boards to provide bursaries for NHS staff to attend the choirs at a reduced rate. 

As each choir was launched, an organic set of volunteer opportunities emerged in each location, allowing choristers to identify and find solutions to help the choirs run more smoothly and effectively. Choristers help with all aspects of the choir, from proposing songs for the groups, to setting up venues before rehearsal, to organising volunteer opportunities for fellow singers, to creating bake sales and raffles to raise money for important causes. The choirs allow choristers to feel part of something bigger than themselves, but to also feel they have a say and can make a difference for their group and their community.”

You can find out more via their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter/X, and Instagram.

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