The opportunity to register your voluntary arts group as a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ (CIO) has been a long time coming, having been delayed numerous times since its inclusion in the Charities Act 2006. Now that it has finally been introduced, many charities and voluntary groups in Scotland, England and Wales welcome the new structure, as it will help reduce their administrative burdens and provide other benefits – but it may not be suitable for all groups/organisations.

This briefing outlines the key points of the CIO form, what it is and what it entails, and provides guidance for voluntary arts groups considering registering for CIO status.

This resource explains:

  • What a CIO is
  • How this format came about
  • The pros and cons of becoming a CIO
  • Whether a CIO model is suitable for your group
  • Timescales for implementation
  • Registration and reporting

Download Briefing 160: Charitable Incorporated Organisations