Based in Stepps, North Lanarkshire, Cardowan Community Meadow Health and Wellbeing Group was set up in 2022 by a group of volunteers. A former coal mining community, Cardowan is known for its local activism and tackling inequality, and wanted to find a solution to the lack of creative arts facilities within a five-mile radius.

Started at the kitchen table of one of the Cardowan Community Meadow activists, the Health and Wellbeing Group has become a moment in the week for neighbours to come together informally to heal, share, learn, and laugh. There is no group leader as different members take responsibility each week to teach and share a craft idea with the group.

So far they have enjoyed painting, drawing, knitting, stained glass, jewellery, paper art, mosaic, willow weaving, dreamcatchers, collage, and more.

“This is the only creative arts group running in the whole of Cardowan,” says member Annmarie Kirkland. “It’s free to join and with the cost of living increasing, there’s always a welcoming hot drink or soup, fruit, and healthy sweet treats. And when the sunshine allows, the group meets in the community garden to collect fallen leaves and more of nature’s leftovers to create art and seasonal wreaths. 

The growth in confidence and mindfulness of the group is clear as each individual who attends has discovered and explored their own creative talents.”

You can find out more by following them on Facebook.

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