Creative Lives On Air are delighted to be working in partnership with BBC Radio WM. Trevor Pitt has joined us to support community engagement shining a light on grassroot creative activity across the region. 

4600 Gifts for Commonwealth Games athletes

As part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival, local charity Craftspace was commissioned to make gifts for the international athletes. The result is a truly magnificent project involving craft enthusiasts in Birmingham who showed admiration for the Commonwealth Games athletes by creating thousands of unique gifts.

Hear more about it in a series of radio features produced by our new Creative Lives On Air colleague at BBC WM, available to listen to via BBC Sounds.

  • Part 1: Conversation with Maureen Levermore and her daughter aired during the Breakfast Show on Monday 18 July.

Listen here [from 1h24m into the show]. 

Our favourite quote:

We were putting our love, our care and our enthusiasm into making these gifts.

  • Part 2: Tia Parmar, a recent graduate who was a facilitator on the project, talks beautifully about her relationship with the project. Interview aired on Tuesday 19 July. 

Listen here [from 2h20m into the show]. 

  •  Part 3: Interview with Ricky Priest, aired on Tuesday 20 July. 

Listen here [from 1h39m into the show]. 

  • Part 5: Interview with Lew Wilson who recently returned to Birmingham and the project helped him to reconnect with the local area and rekindle his practice as a ceramic artist, aired on 22 July.

Listen here [from 1h25m into the show]. 

It's something that unifies my hand skills and my mind because it’s all about connectivity with art. So I came along and enjoyed it.

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