Creative Lives On Air are delighted to be working in partnership with BBC Radio Tees. Every Friday between 7pm - 10pm, Rachel Teate shines a light on grassroot creative activity across the region. 

Mike Hill's Sunday morning breakfast show! New 'Creativity and Me' Mini Series. Listen below.

Neil Green at Breakfast Wednesday morning. 'Wellness Choir. Listen below.

Telling stories on air

Rachel Teate has produced a series of five short stories recorded by local students and people in the local community of Tees which will be broadcasted on BBC Radio Tees' Upload show over the next few Friday evenings. The stories are featured as part of the Crossing the Tees festival.

  1. Thinking too much 

[part 1]

[part 2]


     2. Last Train [part 1]

      3. Grace Notes - Cleaner Grace finds more than she expects one morning at The Bainbridge House...

[part 1]

[part 2]

[part 3]

      4. Manhole (1995)

[part 1]

[part 2]

[part 3]

[part 4]

Stay tuned for more... coming soon!

If you'd like to showcase your own creative writing skills, enter the Short Story Competition run by the Crossing the Tees festival by Sunday 31 July 2022. 

Creativity and Wellbeing Week

(16 - 22 May 2022)

To celebrate the wonderful impact that getting creative can have on the wellbeing of individuals and communities alike, Rachel Teate will be chatting with Jessica - the person behind Shop Sabi - a local creative passionate about making wearable art who wrote her dissertation on the benefits of getting out in nature every single day. 

Listen now!

Rachel also chatted with Sian and Katie in Saltburn. Katie designs prints and she shared a bit about her passion. 

Listen now!

Have you heard of Joy Smith? Rachel shines a light on his songs and creative inspiration.

Listen now!

You can follow Joy on Instagram @joysmithsongs.

Find more inspiration and support available as part of the Creativity and Wellbeing Week

Picture of a whale on the beach

In May, Rachel went to find out what had been happening on the local beach. Listen to her audio piece to find out...


Rachel's first audio piece for Creative Lives On Air is a lovely conversation between Rachel and Mary who is the lead volunteer at Parkinson’s Café and Parkinson's Support Group, based at the Arc Centre in Stockton. 

Listen to learn about their current project, Poems for Parkinson’s, a creative writing challenge that encourages group members to write limericks inspired by their personal experience with the disease.


Text and drawing by Brian Hutchinson, member of the Parkinson's Support Group.

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