Run by Edinburgh-based theatre company Bare Productions, ‘We Belong’ set out to give LGBTQ+ voices a platform through the performing arts. They brought together participants who wanted to educate the public about key issues which the LGBTQ+ community faces on a daily basis, as well as express how musical theatre had impacted their lives and given them opportunities to express themselves.

They constructed a setlist for a cabaret entitled ‘We Belong’, to signify a collectiveness amongst the 20 individuals involved, rehearsed over a several months, promoted and performed the show. As well as impacting on the public, performers felt that a safe, inclusive rehearsal space had been provided and that they had grown in confidence and honed their skillsets in performing, music, sound and lighting design.

“The setlist was carefully constructed to reflect different aspects of queer identity. It gave a platform for the performers to live their truth, to have their voice heard and to educate. Many audience members felt that they left the show having learnt something new, so as a result of this cabaret we effected positive change.” Dominic Lewis, Bare Productions

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