Art into Writing runs on Fridays from 10am-12pm, for 8 blocks at a time. It's open to anyone in the Glasgow region and is free to attend.

The idea behind the class is to encourage people who have always wanted to try art and/or writing to come along and not be intimidated by having to make perfect art or be a great writer. The idea is just to tell a story using art and writing.
Each week we use a different artform:  
Week 1 - we make a pastel picture of Loch Lomond, then do a small bit of writing perhaps about water, a holiday by the lake, a loch etc - which can bring out all sorts of weird and wonderful writing.
Week 2 - we may make a vision board about our year / month / week ahead and write about our dreams hopes and fears.
Week 3 - this could be our clay day, sleeves rolled up make what you want! Take the opportunity to manipulate the clay into a gorgeous flower or a frog - and then your writing could be about that manipulation.
The following week could be encaustic art, which involves placing coloured beeswax onto a hot iron and creating an abstract or landscape picture. We then frame these in paper cards which have envelopes, making them look professional, and we will write about what we have made.
And so on it goes with 8 weeks of similar activity, except two of them are creative writing only as we have a guest writer. She/he will lead the group on a creative writing session which may involve music / dance / or just writing.
On the last day we normally build boats and sail them down the Clyde with writing about what we want to give away.
If you would like to get involved, visit the Art into Writing Facebook page, or email: [email protected]